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Does a Pool's Chlorine Harm Your Plants or Garden?

A friend recently contacted me to ask if his dreams of building a backyard escape will pose a long term health risk to his soil or plants. It would be a traditional inground pool that uses chlorine for simplicity. Ok, this question brings in some many thoughts, I'm trying to organize my words... First of all, sure no plant nor human wants or needs read more »

How to Construct and Use a Planting Jig for Your Home Garden

This article is credited to the original author of the Modern Victory Garden website. My winter shop project was to construct a prototype of the idea I have had for some time now for a planting jig. I completed the first one, which was a 2-inch spaced planting jig (instructions below) and then went on to make 3 more of these &n read more »

Growing Potatoes in Raised Boxed Beds - John Jeavon's Method

This article is credited to the original creator of The Modern Victory Garden Website. I have been growing potatoes successfully for some time now in raised boxed edge beds using a trenching method. This trenching method produces a reliable harvest but also wastes valuable growing real estate with the wide spacing between trenches. The yields I ha read more »