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How to Construct and Use a Planting Jig for Your Home Garden

This article is credited to the original author of the Modern Victory Garden website. My winter shop project was to construct a prototype of the idea I have had for some time now for a planting jig. I completed the first one, which was a 2-inch spaced planting jig (instructions below) and then went on to make 3 more of these – one with 3-inch spacing, one with 4-inch spacing, and one with 6-inch spacing. read more »

Growing Potatoes in Raised Boxed Beds - John Jeavon's Method

This article is credited to the original creator of The Modern Victory Garden Website. I have been growing potatoes successfully for some time now in raised boxed edge beds using a trenching method. This trenching method produces a reliable harvest but also wastes valuable growing real estate with the wide spacing between trenches. The yields I have obtained from the trenching method are good but not superior and in my pursuit to increase the production of the potato patch per 100 square feet, I began researching other methods more intensely. read more »