Eat What You Grow & Grow What You Eat!

That's the battle cry of the Modern Victory Garden. The self-sufficiency of previous generations who planted victory gardens in their front and backyards as a means to support their nation’s war efforts is now a declaration of independence from corporate control of our food.

Cultivation of a more healthy and nutritious diet starts at the garden, no where else. That's the meaning of "modern victory garden". It is all about taking back responsibility and control of our own food supply. Whether it is a modest container of tomatoes on a patio deck or a full fledged self-sufficient garden - all efforts represent one step towards freeing ourselves from the forces that would keep us dependent on a system of petroleum fueled and factory farmed food.

Growing more of our own food heightens the taste and nutrition of meals and along the way we experience the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from learning the basic skills of providing for our families and ourselves.

Start a modern victory garden soon, start it today.

Benefits of Garden Self Sufficiency

  1. Frugality: Saves money if done sensibly without buying over marketed gadgets that you do not need for gardening.

  2. Nutrition: Enjoy a diet that is composed of higher proportions of fresh vegetables and fruits grow in soil not drained of its vital minerals.

  3. Better for the Planet: The average produce item travels 1,500 miles to get to your table consuming petroleum, refrigeration, and pesticides during its cycle.

  4. Good for the Soul: A garden is the perfect place to reconnect with what is important in life and to keep an accurate perspective on nature.